Structured Energy Sector Investments

Alternative Energy

Investment Mandate

Azur's investment mandate is designed to maximise return on capital and achieve yield outperformance through the origination, development and management of investments in the Energy Infrastructure sector across South East Asia and Europe.

Azur structures investments to achieve risk-adjusted returns that outperform the industry average.

In structuring investment opportunities, Azur aligns the economic interests of our co-investors, and our strategic partners, with that of our clients.

Energy from Waste

Since 2011, Azur has developed a number of Municipal Solid Waste (‘MSW’) power plants with in excess of 60 MWe of electrical capacity and investment CAPEX in excess of USD 270 million.

Azur has identified waste to energy technologies that maximise the calorific value of the waste fuel source and provide emission cleaning processes that ensure emissions are within the tightest international standards to guarantee the health and safety of the local environment and population.

Management Team

Azur's Management Team combines substantial industry experience with investment banking expertise spanning both developed and emerging markets across the globe. The Team comprises of technology and engineering specialists, investment management specialists, risk management & credit specialists, and operational experts with experience in Energy Infrastructure and, specifically, our target sector of Alternative Energy from Waste.

The Team has a track record of successful investment management in international markets and has a local presence in all of our target investment geographies. The Team works closely with our co-investors and strategic partners to create value through active management.

Azur works closely with Government agencies to ensure that Azur's investments are fully supported at local and national Government level.

Risk Management

We overlay our investment management portfolios with a comprehensive risk management framework derived from first hand experience gained over the past two decades.

This incorporates the oversight of operational risk, corporate governance and sustainability of our investment portfolios as well as the financial market risk of ensuring profitable exit opportunities.

Ethical Objectives

Azur investments aim to achieve ethical impacts beyond their immediate financial returns.

These include: improvements in local and national infrastructure; improved local access to fuel and electrical power; and the alleviation of poverty through the creation of sustainable livelihoods within the industry sectors in which we invest.

Azur Pacific Capital Advisors Pty Ltd (ABN 40165910636) is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with Financial Services Licence No. 447578 (AFSL).

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