Renewable Energy Solutions for Generative AI

Powering Generative AI

Powering Artificial Intelligence Data Centers

The growth in demand for generative AI has been rapidly accelerating since 2021 and is expected to reach US$36bn in 2024. Forecasts for growth over the next 6 years vary, with the lower expected annual growth rates from 2024 to 2030 being 46% (CAGR) resulting in a generative AI market of over US$350bn in 2030.

The Azur Opportunity

Azur has been developing and investing into renewable energy in South East Asia since 2008. Our experience and understanding in local markets in the region have allowed us to advise, develop, and invest successfully into renewable energy projects in biomass; municipal solid waste; and solar.

Since 2022, we have been developing renewable energy solutions focused on the burgeoning demand for energy from generative AI Data Centers across the region.

We are now focused on the AI Data Center industry in Thailand. We expect demand for, and the presence of, significant AI Data Center resources to expand rapidly over the next 6 years due to the geographical location of Bangkok and the suitability of the infrastructure for high speed, low latency generative AI services. The latter being driven by both the security of the electrical grid, and the quality of high speed fibreoptic connections in the Greater Bangkok Metropolitan Area and the Eastern Economic Corridor to the southeast of Bangkok.

Some of the larger generative AI service providers are now experiencing significant deviations from their 2030 Carbon Neutral commitments due to the huge amounts of energy required to compete in the current generative AI service market. These AI service providers are now in increasing need of renewable energy solutions for their new AI Data Centers to offset the rapidly increasing energy use for their generative AI services.

Azur is mandated to provide renewable energy that complies with local and international environmental regulations, and aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ('SDG's') of the United Nations.

Ethical Objectives

Azur Clean Energy aims to achieve ethical impacts beyond immediate financial returns.

These include improvements in local infrastructure and the alleviation of poverty through the creation of sustainable livelihoods within our renewable energy power plants.

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