An Advanced Bio-Fuel Designed to Replace Coal

New Energy Solutions

Azur Energy Technology

The future growth in renewable energy generation will be driven by a number of factors. These factors include the rate of technological improvement and innovations, manufacturing scale economies, government incentives and regulations, and the cost of competing electricity generation methods.

Widespread public recognition of the damage being inflicted on the environment through the extensive use of fossil fuels to generate our current energy requirements, and the resulting political pressure to mitigate climate change by reducing CO2 emissions, has created a pressing need for innovative energy solutions to replace the global reliance on fossil fuels.

Coal-fired power stations generate over a third of the world's electricity and emit over 10 Gt of carbon dioxide each year, almost one fifth of total emissions. The coal fired electricity industry is the single largest source of the greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change through global warming.

Azur Energy Technology combines an innovative technology for refining traditional wood pellets with the logistical and geographic competitive advantages of our existing facilities to produce the Azur Advanced Pellet which can be used as a direct replacement for coal.

Azur Advanced Pellet

The Azur Advanced Pellet is produced through a process of energy and mass densification, during which water content and volatile organic compounds are expelled from the biomass to produce an advanced bio-fuel with characteristics similar to those of fossil coal:

High Calorific Value - Azur Advanced Pellets contain up to 90% of the original energy content of the biomass; have a higher volumetric and gravimetric energy density than traditional wood pellets; and are comparable to fossil coal calorific values.

High Energy Density - Azur Advanced Pellets have a 30% higher energy density than traditional wood pellets. The higher energy per cubic meter results in a lower transportation and storage cost per gigajoule of energy.

Hydrophobic - Azur Advanced Pellets can be stored in the open without degradation of their functionality. This enables effective outdoor storage and transportation, and lowers demurrage costs.

Good Grindability - Azur Advanced Pellets can be co-fired in existing coal power plants, with minimal need to make modifications to fuel handling systems, ensuring low cost substitution for the coal fired power industry.

Safety - Azur Advanced Pellets are safer to handle than traditional wood pellets, through elimination of off-gasing and temperature changes often experienced with conventional biomass pellets

High Coal Substitution Factor – Azur Advanced Pellets permit up to 100% coal co-firing & substitution ratios without major modifications or CAPEX costs to a coal power station’s pulverizing systems, boilers, and fuel piping systems.


The Azur Advanced Pellet is designed to be the new industry standard fuel for coal power stations looking to transition away from the use of coal, and for existing dedicated biomass power stations.

Ethical Objectives

Azur Energy Technology aims to achieve ethical impacts beyond our immediate financial returns.

These include improvements in local infrastructure, and the alleviation of poverty through the creation of sustainable livelihoods as part of our biomass supply chain and logistics management processes.

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