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Azur Pacific

Founded in 2008, Azur Pacific has a mandate to build renewable energy facilities and technologies that will benefit human existance. Azur is focused on using the waste products of society to power our energy requirements.

Azur develops and builds municipal solid waste and agricultural waste to energy solutions. We combine these facilities with solar energy facilities to generate a hybrid power solution for generative AI Data centers.

Azur Renewable Energy to Power Generative AI

Azur expects the demand for generative AI to increase significantly over the next 6 years; and is witnessing growth in the development of AI data center resources in areas around central Thailand. The Eastern Economic Corridor of Thailand is proving suitable for generative AI data center requirements, which are dependent on a stable electical grid, and high speed fibreoptic infrastructure that can provide low latency generative AI services.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop innovative alternative energy solutions to drive the global transition from finite fossil fuel use towards the generation of sustainable clean energy.

Azur Pacific Capital Advisors Pty Ltd (ABN 40165910636) is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with Financial Services Licence No. 447578 (AFSL).

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Transitioning to an alternative energy system will help avoid irreparable damage to our planet and create a better standard of living for all


Developing alternative energy solutions for the global transition towards a low carbon economy


Using technical innovation with geographical competitive advantage to create energy products for the new energy industry