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Azur Pacific

Founded in 2008, Azur Pacific develops sustainable clean energy businesses in developed and emerging markets.

Azur Pacific has two main business lines:

i) Azur Energy Technology: producing advanced bio-fuel pellets as a direct coal replacement for the coal-fired power industry;

ii) Azur Waste Management: building alternative energy infrastructure in emerging markets with waste to energy electrical generation facilities.

To facilitate our operations, Azur has a local presence in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand.

Azur Energy Technology

Azur Energy Technology combines an innovative technology for refining traditional wood pellets with the logistical and geographic competitive advantages of our existing facilities to produce an advanced bio-fuel product that can be used as a direct replacement for coal.

The Azur Advanced Pellet has been designed to have similar characteristics to coal including hydrophobic qualities, grindability, and high calorific value. This allows for cost effective shipping and storage; limited energy derating; and direct co-firing in coal fired power plants with co-firing rates of up to 100% coal replacement.

The Azur Advanced Pellet is designed to be the new industry-standard fuel for coal-fired power stations transitioning away from the use of coal, and for existing dedicated biomass power stations .

Azur Waste Management

South East Asia is witnessing an increase in population growth; increases in gross domestic product (‘GDP’); and increases in the concentration of population in urban areas. These factors have led to significant increases in per capita consumption; a change in the pattern of consumption towards supermarkets and convenience stores; and a resulting increase in the generation of municipal solid waste (‘MSW’).

With the associated increase in energy demand in the region, this has led to a number of opportunities to develop alternative energy infrastructure that will remove the harmful MSW from the environment, and generate clean energy for the local communities.

The Azur Management Team have built 8 MWe of waste to energy infrastructure in South East Asia, capable of treating over 200,000 tons of MSW a year, and have 30 MWe of waste to energy infrastructure under development. Azur Waste Management continues to build out its capabilities across South East Asian with a focus on Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Regulated & Licenced

Azur Pacific Capital Advisors Pty Ltd is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No. 447578) and is regulated by ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop innovative alternative energy solutions to drive the global transition from finite fossil fuel use towards the generation of sustainable clean energy.

Azur Pacific Capital Advisors Pty Ltd (ABN 40165910636) is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with Financial Services Licence No. 447578 (AFSL).

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